TCL Mini LED 8K TV: presented the new Smart TV lineup

A few days ago the TCL “Trascend Vision” event took place during which TLC presented the new TLC Mini LED 8K TVs

X925 and X925Pro that enrich the line-up with new solutions for an even more engaging and immersive home entertainment, and the new collaboration between TCL and Activision for Call Of Duty Vanguard has been announced, to offer a new gaming experience to the gaming community.

TCL Mini LED 8K TV: presented the new Smart TV lineup

In addition, the winner of the EISA (Expert Imaging and Sound Association, ed) award “Premium LCD TV 2021-2022“, the 65C825 4K Mini-LED TV, was also presented.

The TCL Mini LED 8K X92 Pro TV Series will be available in the 85 “version, while the X92 Series in the 65” and 75 “versions.

New proposals also for smart appliances that are part of the portfolio of solutions dedicated to the smart home.

You can review the event at this link.

TCL Mini LED 8K TV: presented the new Smart TV lineup

TCL Mini LED 8K TV – amazing technology

“TCL is proud to fulfill its ambition to be a true leader in the Mini-LED TV industry. The incredible performance of the X Series TVs is due to TCL Mini-LED technology and both the TCL Mini LED 8K X92 Pro TV Series and the X92 Series are well positioned to lead the premium LED TV market, “said Shaoyong Zhang, CEO of TCL Electronics Holdings.

X Series Mini-LED technology offers viewers an unparalleled viewing experience, with more smaller LEDs producing more contrast control zones. It therefore reveals more detail, brilliant luminance and a wider High Dynamic Range.

The TCL Mini LED 8K X92 Pro TV Series OD Zero Mini-LEDs are 700 times thinner in size than conventional LEDs. This achieves an unimaginable minimum thickness, making possible an amazing ultra-thin profile, as well as an exceptional viewing experience.

The new X Series is 8K Association certified to ensure a true Ultra HD experience. In addition, it offers 8K resolution and upscaling (technology that allows you to digitally increase the resolution, ed) to have more content with the best clarity of moving images thanks to the 120Hz 8K panel.

With TCL QLED, the X Series exponentially improves the volume of color, with over a billion shades. All images are reproduced with stunning 3D-like depth, immersing the viewer completely in each scene.

TCL Mini LED 8K TV: presented the new Smart TV lineup

For a high-end immersive audio experience, the TCL Mini LED 8K X92 Pro TV features impressive 5.1.2-channel audio with 25 speakers and 160 watts of audio output that creates a true dome of sound. Instead, the X92 Series has 2.1 channels and 60 watts of output, which together deliver an amazing and powerful sound experience.

Both the X92 Pro Series and X92 Series feature an industry-leading audio system, featuring Onkyo hardware and Dolby Atmos® audio technology. Thanks to this arrangement, they are able to place the spectators at the center of the scene, completely filling the room with an even more enveloping and rich sound.

TCL Mini LED 8K TV: presented the new Smart TV lineup

The elegant and ultra-thin profile of the X92 Pro Series is thanks to the TCL Mini-LED OD Zero technology, and its brushed aluminum body allows it to fit perfectly into any environment.

Its refined and high-end lines are made possible by TCL’s futuristic and immersive approach to design, and there is no shortage of unique details such as the leather speakers, and a careful selection of extremely thin and light durable materials that further improve. the appearance of the product.

The X92 Pro Series has a reflective and enveloping acoustic design, delivering a superior audio experience. This happens thanks to the diffusion of the sound through the side speakers that reach the audience directly, involving them more.

The X Series includes the Game Master Pro, designed by TCL for the most passionate gamers. The Game Master Pro package features HDMI 2.1 and WiFi 6 to ensure smooth, low input lag images even in fast-moving game scenes.

The combination of Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and eARC delivers the best possible picture and sound quality for gaming, TV shows and movies.

With 120Hz, high dynamic refresh rate compensation, the X Series reduces color trailing, blurring and juddering. These features will make the gaming experience even more natural and immersive, giving even more fluid images during gaming sessions: the virtual driving of racing cars will be smooth as silk.

TCL Mini LED 8K TV: presented the new Smart TV lineup

Google TV: for an extraordinary entertainment experience

The X92 Pro Series and X92 Series are equipped with Google TV, which brings together movies, shows and more, from all the apps and subscriptions available, giving you easy and concentrated navigation in a single platform. Users can discover new content to watch, thanks to the recommendations of their favorite apps.

The combination of TCL Mini-LED, 8K and QLED technologies and Google’s entertainment experience for the new X Series will provide a unique tool to easily access all your favorite content, in stunning definition.

TCL Mini LED 8K TV: presented the new Smart TV lineup

With Magic Camera blending the television and social experience, TCL’s new X Series allow unlimited connection possibilities. Both the X92 Pro Series and X92 Series have Google Duo pre-installed, allowing for easier instant video calling with family and friends. The new X Series are also pre-programmed with an assortment of gesture instructions, allowing users to interact with the TV via gesture only, moving their hands without having to use the remote control or voice commands.

TCL was the first to devote itself to Mini-LED technology, introducing it to the X Series starting in 2018, when the brand first showed this technology on its TVs. After successfully achieving mass production of this type of panel, TCL has launched its first Mini-LED TVs, (with the X10 model for the global market and the 8 Series for North America). TCL built on this experience and successfully placed Mini-LEDs on glass, with the introduction of Vidrian Mini-LED technology in 2020.

At CES 2021, TCL revealed its latest TCL Mini-LED OD Zero technology that minimizes the distance between the Mini-LED backlight layer and the LCD display layer to an astonishing 0mm. With this breakthrough, TCL has created a never-before-seen ultra-thin profile within LED LCD TVs that will soon be applied to other TCL TVs later this year.

Smart appliances under AI x IoT

TCL envisions TVs at the heart of a smart lifestyle, so during the “Transcend Vision” event it showed how it has expanded its AI x IoT ecosystem with the introduction of the line-up of Mini LED and QLED TVs and IoT products. which can be controlled via TCL TVs or the TCL Home app.

In addition to the 65C825, TCL is also proud to announce two other EISA awards obtained: Best Buy LCD TV for the 55C728, EISA Best Buy Soundbar for the TS8132.

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