Microsoft announces collaboration with the National Cybersecurity Agency

Microsoft announces collaboration with the National Cybersecurity Agency

Security and transparency. These are the two cardinal principles on which the new collaboration between Microsoft and theNational Cybersecurity Agency (ACN). A partnership that aims to accelerate the country’s digital development.

For the uninitiated, ACN is the national authority that promotes the implementation of common actions aimed at guaranteeing the cyber security and resilience necessary for Italy’s digital development. The Agency constantly promotes initiatives, often assisted by its own partners. It is no coincidence that the collaboration with Microsoft brings ACN into the program Microsoft Government Security Programwhich makes advanced security technologies and resources available to partners.

the National Cybersecurity Agency enters the Microsoft Government Security Program

Il Microsoft Government Security Program it consists of an initiative that makes Microsoft resources and expertise available to over 90 authorities and agencies operating in the field of security in 45 countries around the world. The basic goal is to increase their awareness of digital threats and vulnerabilities. Not only that: obtaining cutting-edge protection tools also allows you to effectively protect organizations and citizens of the territory.

Another objective shared between the two realities is to create a collaborative framework that allows you to act proactively and mitigate the risks related to the increase in cybercrime. So not only handle an attack correctly, but also prevent it.

Finally, both Microsoft and the National Cybersecurity Agency jointly designed a training program. This aims to disseminate skills in the cybersecurity field, with a particular focus on the PA, SMEs and schools. Three elements which, as 2022 has shown us, are highly at risk of attack. A solution that aims to address the shortage of expert professionals in terms of security.

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