Rooney Mara has almost given up on acting

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The famous actress Rooney Mara after shooting the film Nightmare almost gave up acting. Here are his statements

You got it right, dear readers! A unique talent like Rooney Maraafter filming the remake Nightmare- From the depths of the night, considered giving up her work as an actress and saying goodbye to acting. How is this possible, you ask? Well, we leave you the words that Rooney herself said some time ago in an interview with her.

Rooney Mara was cast to star Audrey Hepburn in the next biopic coming to the cinema, yet some time ago he experienced a delicate moment in which he evaluated the idea of ​​abandoning acting. She was the actress to confess it to the microphones of IndieWire. The discontent emerged due to the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. Years later, his career has continued booming and today his filmography can count on interesting titles such as Carol, Lion – The way home, Don’t Worry, Fair of Illusions – Nightmare Alley e Women Talking. But to make Nightmare on Elm Street in 2010, the actress needed a break that could have led to a bitter decision.

Rooney Mara has almost given up on acting

Rooney Mara claims he almost gave up on acting

We know that over the years, Rooney Mara has proven to be quite a selective actress. You have carefully chosen each project to take part in, giving great satisfaction especially to the cinema.

Yet there is a reason behind so much reflection that takes us back to the end of the first decade of the 2000s. At the time, the actress was busy with Nightmare on Elm Street and said that hers was not a pleasant experience. It was the famous director who urged her not to give up and to go on David Fincher. Rooney Mara told what happened during the podcast LaunchLeft:

A few years before Millennium, I had done a remake of Nightmare on Elm Street, which was not a good experience. I have to be careful what I say and how I talk about it. It wasn’t the best experience of my life making it and I got to a point where I would only act if I was fully convinced. After making that film I said to myself: ‘Either I do something I like or I’ll stop’.

And again he continued:

I auditioned for The Social Network. It was a small part, but it was a great scene. Then I didn’t work again until Millennium – The Girl with the Hatred. David didn’t want me to audition because he thought I wasn’t right after what he saw on The Social Network. I insisted they test me, after which he fought hard to get me the part, because the studio didn’t want it. It was a turning point in my life and for my career. I worked with him for a year straight, he took me under his wing. He became my mentor, he took care of me and made sure I knew I had a voice and that my opinion mattered. He empowered me and I think that influenced the rest of my choices from then on.

To her aid came David Fincher, with whom the actress worked in The social network e Millenium – Men who hate women.

We wouldn’t even imagine the world of Hollywood without the sheer talent of Rooney Mara, yet it was an almost possible hypothesis. What do you think?

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