Microsoft announces the latest Windows 10 update

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In his official blog, Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 22H2 will be the last update of features for the operating system, which debuted in 2015. From now on, Windows 10 will receive only monthly security updates until end of support on October 14, 2025. This applies to all editions of Windows 10, except some versions on long-term maintenance channel (LTSC)which will have updates beyond that date.

Windows 10, Microsoft announces the latest update

It was supposed to be the latest operating system from Microsoft, which had announced its vision of “Windows-as-a-Service”. But instead today a lot of users are using the later Windows 11. And Microsoft has finished preparing updates for Windows 10.

Microsoft has indeed explained that Windows 10 will no longer receive new features and invited users to switch to Windows 11the new operating system launched inOctober 2021. Windows 11 offers a revamped user interface, better integration with cloud services, and improved security, Microsoft explains.

Microsoft’s announcement was accompanied by a Windows client roadmap update, which revealed the following key points about Twitter.

1 – #Windows10 will reach the end of support on October 14, 2025.
2 – Version 22H2 will be the last feature update for Windows 10.
3 – The next LTSC release of #Windows11 will be available in second half of 2024.

To read the full announcement, you can visit the link.

Almost two years after the launch of Windows 11, it was to be expected that Microsoft started reducing support for Windows 10, an operating system that was very successful but has now been surpassed by its successor. The company had already stopped selling Windows 10 downloads in January and has now communicated the final date for the end of support for Windows 10.