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First car service: after how many km? Useful information

In this article we see some useful information for the first car service, such as after how many km

As all car owners know, one of the deadlines that we must not forget it is that of the first car coupon. It is, in fact, a necessary operation to always maintain good performance and safety standards of your car. This periodic procedure is therefore much more important than you think, as it allows us to always keep our vehicle in excellent condition. Many tend to see the first car service as something of a nuisance, or even unnecessary. Nothing could be more wrong, as we will see we are talking about an extremely valuable tool that primarily meets the owner’s interests. Who really doesn’t want to know remember the deadlines for the first new car coupon, can resort to long-term car rental without advance. Thanks to this alternative formula to the purchase, in fact, the rental company will take care of the coupon directly. It will therefore be possible to dedicate oneself solely to driving, without the duties, such as the first car coupon or insurance, which are normally due to the owner.

First car service: after how many km?  Useful information

What is the car coupon?

Know When to have your new car first serviced it is essential to guarantee the correct functioning of the car and all its components. We can basically imagine the car service as a periodic check-up provided by the parent company and which concerns all those components of the car most subject to wear and tear over time. One of the mistakes that are made most frequently is that of confuse the first car coupon km 0 or new with revision. While they might look the same, they’re not, and knowing the difference is very important.

In fact, the inspection is a mandatory control by law and must be carried out at fixed intervals on all cars in order to verify their safety, noise and polluting emissions. The first car coupon, on the other hand, is not mandatory, but it comes anyway recommended if you want to keep your car always in top condition. Respecting the deadlines is, therefore, in the interest of the owner, even more so that the latter will always be able to drive with the certainty of traveling in safety.

First car service: after how many km?  Useful information

Car coupon: what does it consist of?

Before talking in detail about the first new car service and after how many km to do it, it is first necessary to clarify what it actually consists of. Basically, when you take your car to be serviced at an authorized workshop, you submit it to various checks that are aimed at checking the general state of operation of the car. The first step, which also applies to the first 0 km car coupon, typically consists of a visual inspection of the bodywork. Immediately afterwards, the specialized personnel proceed to interrogate the vehicle’s diagnostic system.

Once you have acquired the any fault codes detected, even more in-depth checks will be carried out on: passenger compartment, engine compartment, shock absorbers and suspensions, gearbox and clutch, braking system, fluid level, tire condition, climate control system and exhaust systems. During the service, then, the qualified personnel will also proceed with the replacement of the air filter, cabin and fuel filter, gearbox oil, engine oil and relative filter. To be considered complete, the first car coupon also includes a test drive at the end. Only at this point will a document be issued certifying, in detail, all the checks, results and interventions carried out.

First car service: after how many km?  Useful information

First new car service after how many km?

Let’s start by saying that, as far as car coupons are concerned, there isn’t a single term of reference valid for all cars. This means they are directly the various manufacturers who establish the time or kilometer intervals within which to go to the authorized workshops. Even if there are no fixed terms for everyone, generally the first new car service should be done after the first 12 months or after the first 10,000 kilometers travelled. Not only that, cars that use standard lubricants can undergo a service every 20,000 kilometers, those that use “longlife” lubricants even every 50,000 kilometers, depending on the case. A good practice to avoid problems should be to go to the authorized workshop for the first car service, within the first 12 months of registration, and this regardless of the actual number of kilometers travelled. For used cars, on the other hand, the advice is to follow the instructions provided directly by the manufacturer in the use and maintenance manual. In all the most modern cars it is directly the electronic control unit which warns the driver of the need to have the car checked which have been foreseen by the manufacturer.

First car service: after how many km?  Useful information

First car service: what are the costs?

Another aspect that deserves further study when we talk about car coupons is that of the cost. In this case, it is not easy to talk about a precise figure, this is because prices change a lot depending on the make of the car, the model or the type and quantity of interventions required. If we are talking about the first coupon for a new car, for example, the average cost is around 150-200 eurosincluding engine oil and oil filter changes, air and cabin filter changes, and fluid level checks.

Where to get the coupon?

So far we have talked about costs, timing and only generically about places, specifically talking about generic authorized workshops. Many believe that the first car service should be done, with the warranty still active, at one of the parent company’s workshops. However, this is a false belief, as the EC Regulation 461/2010 established that any motorist can go to independent workshops without problems so as to carry out maintenance and repairs on the vehicle. And this speech is valid even if you are still within the period of validity of the guarantee. Things have changed a lot compared to the past, when car manufacturers could impose that the recognition of the guarantee was subject only to the repair and maintenance of a vehicle at their own assistance network. Today, every motorist is absolutely free to choose whether to contact the parent company directly, or, if necessary, contact an independent garage.

First car service: after how many km?  Useful information

Car coupon and warranty: what to know

If you had to opt for a workshop not linked to the parent company, the advice is to verify that all the appropriate equipment is in place to carry out a regular coupon. Otherwise, in fact, you run the risk of losing the warranty on the vehicle. Indeed, one of the necessary conditions for the guarantee not to lapse is that the repairers comply to the letter with the indications provided by the parent company regarding the spare parts and the authorized procedures. For example, for a coupon to be recognized as regular, it is replacement parts must be original or of equivalent quality and that liquids and lubricants are replaced only with other liquids that comply with the technical specifications indicated by the manufacturer. Finally, during the first car service all the software updates available for the control unit must also be downloaded. That’s all from the engines section, keep following us!