Microsoft Authenticator will no longer be available on Apple Watch

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Microsoft announced that from the next update of the app, Microsoft Authenticator will no longer be available for Apple Watchthus being canceled byApp Store watchOS.

Why Microsoft Authenticator will be deleted from Apple Watch

It’s certainly not the first app to disappear from the watchOS App Store radar, but Microsoft Authenticator certainly makes more noise than many other applications from third-party developers.

The news was released by Microsoft itself on the page, revealing that the next update of the app, scheduled for January 2023, will permanently remove Microsoft Authenticator from Apple Watches.

From the company let it be known that the decision to remove this application from Apple’s smart watches is determined by the fact that the watchOS operating system is currently “incompatible with the security features of the Authenticator”.

Specifically: “In the next release of Authenticator in January 2023 for iOS, there will be no companion app for watchOS due to its incompatibility with the security features of Authenticator.

This means you won’t be able to install or use Authenticator on Apple Watch. We therefore recommend that you delete Authenticator from your Apple Watch. This change only affects Apple Watch, so you’ll still be able to use Authenticator on your other devices.”

Indeed the users iPhone e iPad who use Microsoft Authenticator can breathe a sigh of relief: from their devices the next update will not eliminate the app, leaving it on the relative Stores.

Why is an application like Authenticator important

However, the loss of Microsoft Autheticator for Apple Watch users is still heavy to digest. The Microsoft application, in fact, allows you to easily access your own account Microsoft and supported apps when it is enabled two-step verification.

The app generates gods disposable codeswhich users can use to securely log into their accounts across a variety of supported apps.

Among other things, Microsoft Authenticator was recently introduced on Apple Watches, arriving just 4 years ago, in 2018. However, we reiterate that at present the app remains available for other Apple devices, as long as iOS is updated from version 14 onwards.

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