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With Christmas just around the corner, here are some Trust product gift ideas for gamers and creators. Let’s discover them together

The party most loved by young and old is almost upon us and, in these few days that separate us at Natale, the last latecomers try to shop hoping to find the right gifts for friends and relatives. We of everything we have proposed an entire section dedicated to gift ideas and today we will expand it further with those dedicated to Trust productsideal for both gamers and content creators who want to have a plus this Christmas.

Here are all the gift ideas for this Christmas from Trust designed for gamers and creators

For a colorful Christmas with RGB products, the company offers the gaming chair GXT 716 RIZZA. With multiple color modes, it’s possible change the lighting to suit your mood: opt for a mix of red and green to get in the festive spirit or with the rainbow wave to get the party started. This chair can be combined with other RGB productssuch as the mouse GXT 960 GRAPHINfeaturing the honeycomb shell for greater illumination and lightness, it kit GXT 845 TURAL equipped with keyboard and mouse and the 2.0 RGB illuminated speaker set GXT 611 WEZZ.

If, on the other hand, you are eager to spend Christmas with your friends and relatives playing in comfort, the Dutch company offers l’headset GXT 391 THIAN. Crystal clear communication helps you reach out to your teammates, while i controlli on-ear will allow you to easily turn the volume down or up. Furthermore, these headphones are totally green. In addition to this fabulous headset, Trust offers the GXT 414 ZAMAKcomfortable high-end over-ear headphones designed for all
platforms and the GXT 488 FORZE of gaming headphones exclusively for PS4 and PS5 with retractable microphone and adjustable headband.

Everyone loves to enjoy the festive season at home, and Christmas and New Year’s can really be the high season for podcasters, streamers, and influencers. In this sense, one of the Professional high quality microphones with Trust arm like GXT 255+ ONYX. Packed with great functionality and style, listeners will benefit from great audio quality. For those who are looking for less expensive solutions from a monetary point of view, the recommended products are the GXT 241 VELICAa quality USB microphone with tripod and pop filter, used for audio streaming and recording and GXT 232 MANTISanother USB microphone with tripod for streaming, podcasts, vlogs and voiceovers.

For those who always think about the good of the environment, Trust offers some sustainable products, made with recycled material. Let’s start with the compact wireless mouse with silent buttons Yvi+accomplished 83% with recycled materials. For those looking for a rechargeable wireless mouse with convex lines, designed for comfort and control all day long, the company offers Fyda ECO. Or if you want an illuminated, rechargeable wireless mouse that features an ergonomic vertical design to reduce arm and wrist strain, and features illumination, Bayo ECO it’s the one for you.

If you are a night worker and don’t want to disturb your sleeping relatives, Trezo it’s the one for you. It’s about the quietest keyboard and mouse set the company has ever made. All without forgetting sustainability, because both products are made from recycled materials.

The last two products offered are two mouse wireless which will always be appreciated by any user. We are talking about I turnthe wireless mouse with an ergonomic vertical design, to reduce arm and wrist strain, and to Voxxa rechargeable wireless mouse with digital display and vertical ergonomic design, to offer optimal comfort.

These were Trust’s gift ideas designed for gamers and content creators for this Christmas. What do you think about it? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the hardware universe, continue to follow the pages of everything!

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