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Microsoft bans cryptocurrency mining on its cloud

In these hours, official confirmation has arrived regarding a change of course by Microsoft which, with a change to the criteria for using its services, has prohibited from mining cryptocurrencies with its cloud services. The change came into force at the beginning of December but officially emerged only in these hours. Here are the full details:

Microsoft prohibits cryptocurrency mining for users using its cloud services

In new terms of use for Azure and Dynamics 365 services it is clarified that you may not use the services to mine cryptocurrencies without written permission from Microsoft. The company therefore reserves the right to authorize any use of its cloud services for the purpose of cryptocurrency mining. The new conditions of use have been valid since the beginning of December but only in these hours has one arrived official confirmation.

Note that, with this decision, Microsoft chooses di follow the example of other companies in the sector. THEPreviously, in fact, Google, Amazon and Oracle had also adopted a similar policy regarding mining. The measure, underlines Microsoft, is due to the desire to “further protect our customers and mitigate the risk of interruption or compromise of services in the Microsoft cloud”.

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