Skype introduce TruVoice: traduzione in tempo reale con la voce di chi parla thumbnail

Skype introduces TruVoice – real-time translation with the app

Microsoft introduced the new TruVoice feature which, by exploiting artificial intelligence, brings the real-time translation in Skype. This is an important novelty for the application which will be able to connect people who speak different languages ​​thanks to an innovative system of simultaneous translation. Note that TruVoice will be able to translate maintaining the tone of voice of the interlocutor. Here are the full details:

Skype introduces TruVoice: it’s the real-time translation system

With a official blog post was presented in these hours the Skype’s new TruVoice system. Taking advantage of artificial intelligence and without the need to indicate the language, in fact, this system is able to recognize the languages ​​spoken by the interlocutors and start a real-time translation with the possibility for the user to obtain a translation keeping his tone of voice.

The demo video below shows the potential of the new system:

The system presented by Skype already supports several languages. Using artificial intelligence, the translation can take place simultaneously and with the preservation of the tone of voice, thus making the conversation even more natural. Users can already activate this feature in a call’s settings. We’ll see if this new technology will establish itself as a reference for multilingual conversations.

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