Microsoft brings DALL-E artificial intelligence into its services

Microsoft integra l'intelligenza artificiale di DALL-E nei suoi servizi thumbnail

During today’s event, which marked the debut of the new Surface Pro 9, Microsoft has unveiled several news including lintegration of DALL-E into its services. The application of OpenAI allows you to ccreate images through an artificial intelligence system. Users, by entering some keywords, will then be able to generate images with the utmost simplicity. In the near future, therefore, Microsoft intends to bring AI imaging tools to more and more people.

Microsoft announces the integration of DALL-E into its applications

Support was announced today at the new Surface presentation event. DALL-E will be integrated, like system for generating images from textual inputwithin the search engine Bing and also in the browser Microsoft Edge and will be accessible through tools such as Microsoft Designer, a web application similar to Canva, and Image Creator.

Microsoft’s Liat Ben-Zur told Techcrunch: “Microsoft and OpenAI have been working closely together since 2019 to accelerate innovations in AI. We have partnered with OpenAI to responsibly develop, test and scale the latest AI technologies. Microsoft is the exclusive provider of cloud computing services for OpenAI and is OpenAI’s preferred partner for the commercialization of new artificial intelligence technologies “

Further updates on Microsoft’s OpenAI system applications are expected to arrive over the next few weeks. In the future, the integration of DALL-E will be even deeper and more users will be able to leverage artificial intelligence for image generation.