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Microsoft confirms: Lapsus $ hackers hit it

Confirmation of Microsoft to have suffered a hacker attack by the group Lapsus $, that in the past weeks had attacked Nvidia, Samsung and Vodafone. The group had shown 37GB of data on the source code Of Bing e Cortana.

Microsoft hacked by Lapsus $, confirmation arrives

Yesterday evening (Tuesday 22 March, early 23 in Italy), the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center confirmed that the Redmond company has suffered a hacker attack. The group that MTIC calls DEV-0537but which security experts know as Lapsus $, has compromised a “single account” in the team Microsoft. And stolen parts of the source code of some of its products.

According to Microsoft security experts: “DEV-0537’s goal is to maximize access via stolen credentials that allow for data theft and destructive attacks against the targeted organization. Often with extortion. The tactics and objectives indicate that this group of cybercriminals is motivated by theft and destruction ”.

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Microsoft however assures that the stolen code is not enough to elevate the risk, because Microsoft security experts have blocked the attack in the middle of the operation. Precisely because the hackers announced they had hit Microsoft.

In recent weeks, Lapsus $ has announced that it has stolen data from companies such as Okta, Samsung, Nvidia, Ubisoft, Vodafone. While not all companies have confirmed the attacks: Okta explained that its services have not been bypassed.

The hackers announced that they had stolen about the 45% offl codice source of Bing and Cortana, along with 90% of the Bing Maps code. However, the company ensures that there should be no risk to companies using these services. Although he warns of the importance of using multifactor access keys to avoid granting access to any hacker.

In any case, the company will continue to monitor Lapsus $ activity to protect its customers. And we will keep you informed in case there are new attacks.

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