PG Nationals: Athlete eSports are the winners of the spring split

PG Nationals Spring Split: la vittoria è degli Atleta eSports thumbnail

Another edition of the PG Nationals Spring Split ended, giving away fans of League of Legends what can really be called a sports fairytale: in what seemed like a real clash between David and Goliath, the Athlete sportscoming directly from the Proving Grounds and an absolute new entry to the circuit, managed to establish themselves on the favorites Mackoending their two-split dominance.

Athlete eSports triumph at PG Nationals

Despite the PG Nationals have always represented a show not to be missed for all esports fans, it can be said that Sunday 20 March was staged a show that fans will hardly forget. In fact, not only the Athlete have managed to assert themselves on Macko overwhelming all predictions, but they did it with a victory without appeal, a sharp 3 to 0 that put the spotlight onMVP of the match, Gabriele “Gabbo” Olivieriauthor of a remarkable performance.

A beautiful esports story, that of Athletewhich, starting from the minor leagues, now find themselves directly qualified for the Group Stage of European Masters Spring 2022, a continental tournament where they will try to keep the name of Italy high. The second place, on the other hand, guarantees the always brave Mackonow accustomed to international events of similar importance, access to the Play-in, winning which they will be able to support the Athlete in the European race.

Once again PG Sportsthe first Italian company dedicated to competitive gaming, Tournament Organizer of many export events on a national scale, sets a new quality standard for online competitions, demonstrating how high the level reached by the finals of the PG Nationals Spring Splitthe most popular tournament dedicated to League of Legends in Italy, putting on an all-round show, full of entertainment moments dedicated to the community.

This is demonstrated, in particular, by the appreciation of the public, increasingly involved and loyal to the PG formats, and the support of companies of international caliber that see the Italian company as the ideal outlet to reach the elusive Gen-Z. The main sponsors of the PG Nationals know this well Fonzies (in collaboration with Dentsu Gaming) e Kit Kat (in synergy with Sportfive and Dentsu Gaming), which once again confirm how much the Italian esports scene is on the rise.

The final of the March 20 it was certainly a day to remember for all fans, which saw the best exponents of the Italian competitive scene battle it out in a truly memorable summit clash, culminating in the happy ending for the rookie’s tale against the reigning champions Macko. Now all that remains is to wait for the European Masters Spring 2022 and cheer as much as I can for the players who will represent Italy! There will be another happy ending for the Athlete?