Microsoft devices will be easier to repair in the future

In futuro sarà più facile riparare i dispositivi Microsoft thumbnail

In futuro, i Microsoft hardware devices from the Xbox and Surface brands will be easier to repair. Microsoft has agreed to evaluate and expand repair options for its products, as announced by the nonprofit organization for the defense of shareholders, As You Sow. By 2022, therefore, the American company will complete a “third-party” study to assess the environmental and social impacts associated with enhancing the ability of consumers to repair their devices (independently or through technicians not authorized directly by Microsoft) .

Will the Microsoft devices of the future be easier to repair?

The commitments made by Microsoft open the doors to a real revolution for the range of devices of the American house. In the future, Xboxes and Surfaces will be easier to repair. Particularly, it will be easier to get replacement parts to carry out repairs to their devices. Users will not be forced to turn to Microsoft to repair their damaged devices.

News already in mid-2022

Preliminary results of the third-party study will be shared with the public during the course of the report, according to the specialist journal Grist May 2022. As a result, further updates on Microsoft’s repair policies may come very soon. It should be noted that Microsoft has already taken some steps forward on the issue. Compared to the past, in fact, today it is easier to access the internal components of the Surface and on some models it is also possible to replace the SSD memory.