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Microsoft Edge promises more integration for YouTube – here’s how

Microsoft has just announced that it will opt for greater integration between its browser Edge e YouTube, allowing users to access a series of new functions to improve their browsing. In particular, one of the new features will allow you to receive updates from YouTube channels to which we are subscribed.

Microsoft Edge: new for YouTube

The function in question is called Followable Web and it concerns all sectors of the internet that allow you to subscribe or register in some way. What this option allows you to do is essentially to receive the various in a more immediate way updates from the channels to which we are subscribed. This of course came along with an update to the operating system interface.

Microsoft Edge YouTube

Just to name a few examples, an icon has now been added in the address bar that links directly to YouTube subscriptions, a shortcut definitely very convenient to keep abreast of all the content that is uploaded to the platform every day. Added to the Edge Collections also the one related to our favorite content creators, to further facilitate the process.

Microsoft Edge YouTube

Although at the moment the news is limited to YouTube, it is worth mentioning that the Followable Web option is not limited to this social network but is potentially applicable to any portal that includes an inscription of some kind. The possibilities are therefore many and they will not come alone, as Microsoft has already announced that numerous other functions will arrive in the coming months.

In recent days, for example, the possibility of the debut of a panel dedicated to games on Edge has emerged, although in this case, unfortunately, we are talking about a simple rumor, given that this new interface was found by a user of Reddit within Canary.

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