Still problems for Iliad users in Italy

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Last week the service and the network Iliad they went completely down, causing various problems to all its users. Today, seven days later, those problems are back. Fortunately, at the time of writing, Iliad was able to promptly resolve the situation. But let’s analyze what happened this morning and what problems users have reported.

The Iliad network has problems again

Iliad had problems again this morning. Unlike last week, today on Downdetector many users have reported a rather peculiar problem: none of them was able to make calls to landline numbers.

The service, during the call, clearly stated that the number dialed was incorrect. Fortunately users were still able to make calls to other mobile phones, so you can warn your loved ones or friends and avoid making them worry.

A minority reported instead data network problems and other even more users call problems. However, the inability to call landlines was the most common problem. Downdetector has shown reports from various Italian cities, including Milan, Verona, Venice, Turin, Perugia, Rome, Naples, Bari, Cagliari, Catania and many other cities.

During the morning hours, no one was aware of the reason for the breakdown. Also, during these chaotic hours, Iliad he had not made any statements about. Fortunately, after a couple of hours the service managed to resolve the situation. Iliad however stated that there may still be gods minimal problems so, if you have this operator and you want to be sure that the problem is solved, you can try calling some landline number.

For more information, in any case, you can consult the Iliad official website.

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