Microsoft Entra introduces new solutions dedicated to cybersecurity

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Microsoft has revamped its range of solutions dedicated to cybersecurity with the launch of Microsoft Enter. This is a new set of solutions that includes all identity verification and management capabilities. In this way, the company aims to offer increasingly complete and rooted tools to maximize cyber security for users. Here are the full details on Microsoft Sign in:

Microsoft Entra introduces a series of new solutions dedicated to cybersecurity

Microsoft renews its range of cybersecurity solutions with Goes into. This new family of services includes the Azure Active Directory. Two new product categories are added to this service: Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) e Decentralized Identity.

Also note the presence of Microsoft Entra Permissions Management, a system capable of providing complete visibility of permissions for all identities, both at the user and application level. Note that with Microsoft Entra Verified ID standards are implemented that make a mobile and autonomous identity possible. With Identity Governanceinstead, identity governance processes for employees and partners are optimized.

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These solutions are designed to protect authentication and eliminate the risk of credential theft which is the primary target of attackers. Microsoft Log in is capable of verifying all types of identities, protecting and managing access to resources. To find out all the details on Microsoft Enter you can take a look at the official blog.

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