Microsoft Excel will be integrated into EVE Online

Microsoft Excel sarà integrato nel videogioco EVE Online per rendere la vita più facile ai giocatori thumbnail

The videogame EVE Online is known for its particularly elaborate internal economy that often forces users to use Excel spreadsheets to keep up with all the calculations necessary for managing the game. In the future, it will no longer be necessary for CCP title users to have to manually manage these tasks. EVE Online and Microsoft Excel create an unexpected partnership. Here are the details:

Microsoft Excel lands in EVE Online to make life easier for users

Microsoft will build a particular API in Javascript that will allow EVE Online users to export data to Excel automatically. In this way, it will no longer be necessary to manually create the spreadsheets necessary for the management of the game economy. Everything will happen automatically thanks to the unexpected partnership.

The announcement of the partnership was made on the occasion of Eve Fan Fest. During the event, moreover, other details related to the future of the game and the new content arriving were also disclosed. The novelty linked to Excel, however, was the one most appreciated by users.

More details soon

The news behind the partnership between Eve Online and Microsoft have just been announced but work on Excel integration has already begun. More details on the new feature should arrive over the next few weeks. The novelty will be made available “in the course of 2022”. The game development team is expected to release more information on how this new option works soon.

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