Google Cloud creates a team dedicated to web3 and blockchain services,

Google Cloud crea un team per realizzare servizi per sviluppatori web3 thumbnail

Google Cloud announced the formation of a new internal team who will deal with services to be made available to blockchain developers. The company’s goal is to make Google Cloud Platform an absolute reference point for all users interested in using and building web applications3. Here are the details of the project:

Google Cloud creates a team dedicated to building web developer services3

The project is just starting but starts from solid foundations. Google Cloud wants to become a reference for the blockchain sector, providing services that can best support the needs of developers, thanks also to the right technologies. The team put together by Google includes members who already have experience on web3 projects, directly with Google or in their free time. Furthermore, in the future, Google could create a system that can guarantee other companies to simplify the analysis of blockchain data.

The words of the company

Il Google Cloud Vice President, Amit Zavery, stated a CNBC the following: “We are not looking to be a direct part of the cryptocurrency world. We are providing technologies to companies to use and exploit the distributed nature of Web3 for their businesses “