Microsoft Flight Simulator: helicopters arriving in 2022

Juicy news in view of the future updates of the most famous flight simulator. It looks like helicopters are about to arrive in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator is living a new life. After returning to the scene last year, many fans and simple players have approached the world of aeronautics thanks to the innovations introduced in this new chapter. The quality of detail of the reproduced settings and the precision in the flight simulation are two of the many elements that make this chapter a masterpiece. Not just airplanes though, because according to the latest developments, even the helicopters will arrive inside soon Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The arrival of helicopters in Microsoft Flight Simulator is expected in 2022

Recently, the developers Asobo Studio, have released the roadmap with the news and the next additions to the title planned for this estate. In addition to news related to partnerships with other companies and the arrival of Flight Simulator also on Xbox Series X/S, Asobo has published a fact sheet with a list of all the additions desired by the players for the future. The most wanted feature by fans, with an absolute total of 1500 votes, the addition of the helicopters within Microsoft Flight Simulator. In this document, the helicopters have been tagged as “planned” with an indicative release date for 2022.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: helicopters arriving in 2022

In addition to this, another 47 requests are under the judgment of the developers for a eventual release. As well suggested by the players, Flight Simulator offers a very high level of detail of the maps, such as to make many people fly a low altitude to better admire the landscape below. With helicopters, this one sensation it would be perfectly captured. Helicopters are just another of the many additions planned for the coming months. In fact, we recall the introduction of the e military jet scheduled for next November. The game is available now on PC and, from July 27, even on Xbox Series X / S.

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