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Microsoft is planning a privacy-focused version of ChatGPT

Microsoft is about to launch a more privacy-focused version of ChatGPT. This was reported by The Information according to which the chatbot will be entirely based on dedicated cloud servers, with the information that will be kept separate from that of other users.

The Information reports that the service will be paid for and expects that the costs could be 10 times higher than those of ChatGPT Plus.

Microsoft: a version of ChatGPT for privacy on dedicated servers is coming soon

This maneuver by Microsoft would seem to want to attract services such as banks, credit institutions and health institutions. All those realities, in short, which could benefit from the chatbot but which must ensure the total privacy of the users.

Moreover OpenAIdad of ChatGPT, has already sold to Morgan Stanley a private version of the chatbot. However this does not involve Microsoft in any way. The bank is using AI to drive customer service and help employees manage their workload.

It therefore remains to understand how and at what price Microsoft will implement these solutions. At the moment, also given the high cost of the service and its characteristics, we can predict that Microsoft intends to address the business market.

Meanwhile, today they are discussing the resignation of Geoffrey Hinton, who left Google after 10 years. Hinton, dubbed the Godfather of AI, said he stepped down so he could speak freely about the dangers of artificial intelligence. Dangers that, according to Hinton, could lead to the extinction of the human race.

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