Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty ha superato il milione di copie vendute thumbnail

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has surpassed one million copies sold

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has surpassed one million copies sold thumbnail

One million copies sold worldwide and almost four million players reached thanks to Game Pass. These are the staggering numbers of Wo Long: Fallen Dynastythe action RPG about the Three Realms developed by Team NINJAthe studio that created the popular series Nioh.

The game is currently available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC via and Steam, both physically and digitally. It is also included in Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

Several DLCs for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty are on the way

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is set during the end of the Han Dynasty, a historical period characterized by chaos and warfare between the Three Kingdoms. The protagonist is a simple militia soldier who finds himself having to face demons and mighty warriors such as Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Jian. To survive, he must use his Chinese martial arts swordsmanship skills, cast spells based on the elements of the Five Phases, and summon Divine Beasts. His goal is to discover the truth about a mysterious and powerful elixir.

Team NINJA has also announced a number of free updates and paid DLC packs in the coming months. The first DLC will be called Battle of Zhongyuan and will be out in June. Two more special DLC packs will follow later.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

In our review of the game for techgameworld.com.it we read:

“The end-of-level bosses are so strong that in comparison, the formidable enemies you just faced will seem like cute kittens looking for cuddles. To defeat the boss you will need to have two weapons: strategy and awareness that you will die quite a few times. However, each boss has its weak point, it’s up to you to understand this before giving in to the temptation to uninstall the game”

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