Microsoft Office introduces a new video editor

A video editor for Microsoft Office is coming. Soon you will be able to record, edit and share videos with Office for Android.

Yes, Microsoft will soon add a video editor to its Office mobile application, which will allow you to create more than just documents using Office software.

Microsoft Office introduces a new video editor

According to a new post from Microsoft 365 RoadMap, a video editor for the Office application is coming soon to Android users since the beginning of this month.

Microsoft’s new editor will allow users to create short video clips and of course edit them before sharing them with people on the network.

While there are apps created specifically for editing, such as Powerdirector, the new update of the Microsoft company app will allow you to create video clips directly from the application, without having to install other software on Android smartphones.

Microsoft Office introduces a new video editor

Premium functionality

If you want to add more charm to images for your projects in Excel, Word, Outlook and Powerpoint, Microsoft has announced more content coming to Office.

To get started, simply click on insert, scroll to Images and click on the option Featured images. From here you can access a large gallery of images to be included in your documents and not only that, you can also add icone e stickers.

Microsoft also recently added Cartoon People to the Office application to allow users to create artwork and tell stories by adding special characters and different scenarios. Cartoon People can be found in the library of the premium version under the category Icons and they can add an extra pop of color to your documents and presentations.

Microsoft Office more creative

Adding a video editor and premium creative content within the great application software Microsoft it will make it possible for users to indulge their creativity where one would not normally expect to be able to.

We believe that this update from Microsoft is undoubtedly a panacea for the most creative users who want to create more personal, creative and more singular content, with the aim of distinguishing themselves from all other documents or presentations to make their works more unique.

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