Microsoft presents the new Work Trend Index

Microsoft presenta il nuovo Work Trend Index thumbnail

Microsoft released a new edition of the Work Trend Index named Technology Can Help Unlock a New Future for Frontline Workers. At the same time, the company announced a series of new features for Microsoft Team and Microsoft Viva with the aim of making life easier for “frontline workers” or to workers on the front line.

Microsoft unveils the new Work Trend Index

The new Work Trend Index unveiled by Microsoft highlights some key points that emerged in this period regarding the frontline workers representing 80% of the global workforce. The enhancement and care of talents is considered the new “currency” of frontline workers with 51% of workers in non-managerial positions who do not feel valued as an employee.

According to the report, the factors that would lead to considering a job change for these workers it is better pay, a better work-life balance and flexibility. Also noteworthy is a high level of satisfaction with the job opportunities that digital and technology are creating (63%). Also noteworthy is the question of technological gap. 55% of workers say they had to learn how to use new technologies without formal training or practical exercises.

The company comment

Emma Williams, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, points out: “It’s no secret that the pandemic has reshaped the way people work, and at a faster rate than we’ve ever seen. Empowering frontline workers remains essential for digital transformation. Together with our partners, we are equipping workers with tools that allow them to stay connected with their team and company management and, at the same time, stay focused on the customer in front of them or on the work to be done. When done right, we believe technology can modernize workflows and improve productivity, corporate culture and communication. “