Fortnite: returns to iPhone thanks to Nvidia cloud gaming

Finally, all fans of the world of Fortnite will be able to return to play the title on their iPhone thanks to Nvidia

Fortnite is coming back up iPhone tramite l’Nvidia cloud gaming more than a year after its removal from the Apple App Store. To be clear, you won’t be able to download yet Fortnite from the App Store but it will be possible to play it on your iPhone in streaming thanks to GeForce Now technology. The dispute between Apple and Epic Games finally came to a kind of conclusion in September, when the judge of the trial that took place in May ruled in favor of Apple, in nine out of ten counts. Fortnite remains in any case banned from the App Store.

Fortnite is ready to give its best on the iPhone

Starting next week, players will be able to play Fortnite on their iPhone or iPad by streaming the game from the Safari browser, using Nvidia cloud gaming. Additionally, Nvidia and Epic today announced that they are working on a “touch-friendly version of Fortnite”For streaming to mobile via the cloud. There closed beta Limited time of this version starts next week, on both iOS and Android devices and it will be possible to sign up now for a chance to be selected for the beta.

Fortnite: returns to iPhone thanks to Nvidia cloud gaming

The long awaited Chapter 3 Fortnite was released in December with a number of major changes and additions, including one completely new map, a new arsenal of weapons, new consumables and more. Also, thanks to the use of Unreal Engine 5 Fortnite diventa next-gen, making the settings even more spectacular, with greater destructive capabilities and even introducing a weather system.

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