Microsoft ready to buy Discord?

Microsoft ready to buy Discord?

Among the upcoming acquisitions that Microsoft could make is also the name of Discord, the popular instant messaging system

Xbox is on the crest of the wave with regard to acquisitions related to the world of gaming, a situation that is making this start of generation very hot for Series X ed S. Microsoft, however, seems to be intent on expanding the scope of its actions, given that according to a new report it seems that the Redmond giant is in talks for buy Discord, the popular instant messaging system.

The first rumors started to circulate at the beginning of the week, but it seems that the deal is now about to close in a very short time.

Microsoft buys Discord?

According to yet another report, it seems that the company behind Discord has come into contact with numerous companies, looking for potential buyers, and among them the name of Microsoft, which seems to have formulated a proposal from beyond 10 billion dollars.

Confirmations regarding the deal also come from a reliable source such as Bloomberg, and could have further truthfulness when compared to the recent name change undergone by Xbox Live, a situation that indicates a restructuring of the online ecosystem. Microsoft, and that could also involve the purchase of Discord.

Microsoft ready to buy Discord?

Although the platform is not the most used chat system related to gaming, it is undeniable that in the last 18 months the network has experienced exponential growth and, if integrated within the ecosystem Xbox, could represent a big blow to Microsoft itself.

And given the relative youth of the software, a possible partnership with the American company could mean even greater growth, with a relative increase in overall profitability. Obviously, at the moment, we are always in the field of pure speculation, but we at will certainly not fail to keep you updated on developments.

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