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Microsoft ready to eliminate deepfakes

Following a major investment, Microsoft may be ready to enhance its security protection for user-uploaded photos and videos. In fact, the IT giant’s M12 venture capital arm recently announced that it is investing in Truepic, a well-known image and video verification platform. The company says such systems could be a significant step in helping identify and mitigate the growing threat of deepfakes, images created or edited on the computer for “nefarious” purposes.

Microsoft acquires Truepic to reduce deepfakes

Recently, Microsoft has shown significant financial interest in Truepic. For the uninitiated, the portal tries to authenticate images using its platform Vision digital inspection. This promises to quickly verify the most trusted content. Indeed, it claims to have already verified millions of photos and videos captured from over 150 countries around the world using Controlled Capture technology. In detail, in fact, Truepic brings together several high integrity data fields for each file, which are then analyzed for any traces of manipulation. The system then seals all the data. And it performs a series of actions to ensure it stays safe before, during and after the takeover.

Therefore, as soon as the system reveals a deepfake, it reports it abruptly to the user. A simple and practical way “to deal with the spread of disinformation and visual deception”. So said James Wu of Microsoft. In addition, the company also makes available Truepic Vision, an online library of “reliable visual documentation” for businesses. All these tools, therefore, will be at the complete disposal of Microsoft, which will thus be able to limit the dissemination of manipulated visual content. In defense of user safety.

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