Microsoft v UK in Activision case

Microsoft contro il Regno Unito dopo il no all'acquisto di Activision thumbnail

L’UK Competition Authority he gave negative opinion on the purchase of Activision by Microsoft. The American company is studying countermeasures to try to complete the operation. In the meantime, however, Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, he took sides openly against the choice of the British authorities. Here’s what the manager said.

Microsoft v UK after Activision case decision

Brad Smith di Microsoft harshly criticized the choice of the UK authorities. According to Smith: “The European Union is a more attractive place to start a business than the UK”. In addition, the manager defined the choice of the British authorities as “irrational”, confirming that an appeal is forthcoming to arrive at a positive solution (for Microsoft) of the matter.

For the moment, Microsoft seems to have little leeway. The company has already tried to strike deals with other competitors (especially in cloud gaming) to overcome the obstacles set by competition authorities. The no of the United Kingdom today represents a difficult obstacle to overcome.

L’acquisition of Activision it remains, therefore, on the table even if things get complicated and times get longer. In addition, the opinion of other competition authorities regarding the transaction is still lacking. Over the next few weeks, the conclusion of this story should finally arrive. We’ll see, therefore, if Microsoft will really be able to complete the acquisition of Activision.