Addio a tastiere e mouse di Microsoft, spazio a Surface thumbnail

No more Microsoft keyboards and mice, make way for Surface

Goodbye to Microsoft keyboards and mice, space to Surface thumbnail

Microsoft it will no longer produce keyboards and mice under its own brand, preferring instead to invest in the brand Surface. A move that aims to standardize the hardware brand of the Redmond company, which has achieved great success in recent years with laptop/tablet hybrids.

No more Microsoft keyboards and mice, make way for Surface

Microsoft’s decision to stop producing its own branded PC accessories, such as mice, keyboards and webcamsmarks the end of an era that began in 1983 with the launch of the first mouse – Green Eye – in combination with Word and Notepad. He confirmed it Dan Laycock (Senior Communications Manager dell’azienda) to The Verge, after the rumors reported by Nikkei.

Microsoft has chosen to focus on accessories of the Surface line, more expensive but also more innovative. Existing PC accessories with the Microsoft brand will be soldi while stocks last in current markets and at current prices.

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The move is motivated by two main factors. The first is the restructuring of the hardware division, which resulted in the dismissal of over 10,000 employees in the last few months. And that has gathered all the products under the Surface brand. The second is the crisis in the PC sector, due to declining sales, the global economic situation and supply problems. Something that makes it cheaper to produce the more expensive Surface products, rather than Microsoft’s great value ones.

However, the novelty could lead to the launch of new accessories in the near future. Two years ago we saw the line built with recycled ocean plastics – maybe we’ll see more in the near future.

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