Microsoft vuole portare il metaverso anche nell'ecosistema Xbox thumbnail

Microsoft wants to bring the metaverse to the Xbox ecosystem as well

Microsoft wants to bring the metaverse to the Xbox thumbnail ecosystem as well

The metaverso it’s not just Facebook’s business, too Microsoft with its ecosystem Xbox is evaluating projects of this type. The confirmation came directly from Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. Nadella anticipated some details about the American company’s strategy linked to the development of solutions related to the metaverse. The Xbox world will also be fully involved in these projects.

Microsoft focuses on the metaverse for Xbox and its games

Nadella confirms that Microsoft “will do something” in the gaming arena as for the metaverse, linking it to its ever-evolving Xbox ecosystem. For the CEO of the company, you play as Halo, Minecraft e Flight Simulator they are already gods real metaverses. The company’s intention is to bring these games from a 2D world to a 3D world. Nadella did not go into the details of Microsoft’s projects but in the future it is reasonable to expect significant news.

VR is already a beginning

Many titles, including Minecraft and Microsoft Flight Simulator, already support the VR. The transition to a real metaverse may not be that far away. It is clear that there is still a long way to go. At the moment, in fact, the intentions of Microsoft are not clear, which, of course, is already working on its first projects.

The video below anticipates Nadella’s vision of the metaverse (with particular reference to the use of Teams).

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