Microsoft: Xbox Cloud Gaming used by more than 10 million users

According to what was declared by Microsoftmore than 10 million people have streamed games on Xbox Cloud Gaming. Cloud gaming is a feature available only as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tier, which allows us to get a pretty good idea of ​​the extent of the cloud gaming phenomenon.

Xbox Cloud Gaming: The service has been used by 10 million users

Game Pass is a very successful service for Microsoftgiven that at the moment it has 25 million subscribers, even if in this specific case the company has not shared useful details to understand how the data on the gaming in cloud, reason why these figures could be tainted by some inaccuracy.

Beyond that, it is still an impressive result, which shows that Microsoft has invested heavily in Xbox Cloud Gaminglaunching it first on Android, then on iOS and PC and then on Xbox consoles, in such a way as to reach a large slice of users on many different devices, including Steam Deck, Valve’s new portable platform.

Since last October, the service has been enhanced by the hardware of Xbox Series X, which has improved framerate and load times, making game streaming much smoother and, in general, qualitatively better in terms of performance.

The company also posted strong hardware sales, as Xbox just posted its best-selling performance in 11 years. Microsoft said Tuesday that revenue from the sale of the console was up 14%.

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