AMD Ryzen 7000 by the end of the year: here’s what we know

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The new AMD Ryzen 7000 processors are expected by the end of the year, and could signify the end of DDR4. Here’s what we know about the AM5 socket

Upcoming platforms socket AM5 of the giant AMD, should arrive by the end of the year, marking important steps forward. The next Gen codenamed Raphael, they will no longer be compatible with current motherboards on the market, and will definitively adopt the new DDR5completely abandoning the DDR4, so that they will allow the new CPUs to take full advantage of all the bandwidth they will have.

The main features of the new Gen should therefore be linked to the arrival of new processors with renewed architecture, new motherboards and use of DDR5 memory, we will see in question of prices in which range they will position themselves.

AMD Ryzen 7000 by the end of the year: here's what we know

AMD Ryzen 7000 by the end of the year: here’s what we know

According to some sources, the main change in the CPU architecture would be attributable to a new intelligent memory controller, which will manage the memory request in an even smarter way than what happens today. At the moment AMD has not officially clarified on the issue of compatibility or not between future Ryzen CPUs and DDR4 memories, and this could suggest that with the Socket AM5 motherboards there will be a complete transition to the DDR5 standard.

An architecture with technology is then envisaged chiplet for the model X670, at least as far as leaked up to our groups. This structure will belong to the model that will position itself as a top-of-the-range proposal for more complex motherboards, and aimed at certain uses. The company would be focusing on making a design aimed at double the support for external devices implemented by the chipset.

The idea would be to make two identical chips and not repurposing the design with north e south bridge typical of most platforms. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

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