Midland Follow-U webcam review

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Midland launched a really cool webcam, which we tested for this review: Follow-U, which rotates on itself to follow you and always keep you framed. Midland’s camcorder has many great qualities and can be a smart choice to meet your needs. In this review we help you understand if it can be the right webcam for you.

Midland Follow-U review: a complete webcam

Opening the box of Midland Follow-U, we found ourselves in front of a webcam from the simple yet very functional design. In the center we find the webcam lens, surrounded entirely by the honeycomb fabric behind which we find the stereo microphone. The indicator lights that signal when the webcam is properly connected and if the microphone is turned on are under this structure, for maximize space.

Under the main body we find the support to attach the device to your computer screen. Really very solid, it hooks very well to screens of various sizes. Both the very thin one of laptops and the thicker ones of some external displays (even the slightly older ones).

The build quality of Follow-U seems really good to us. Hard plastic seems designed to last for a long time. We do not have the crystal ball to predict the future but the stability of the support makes us think that it can withstand a lot of stress and for a very long time.

The cable USB 2.0 it is long enough to accommodate any arrangement you wish to use in the office or in smart working. Midland preferred a USB-A connection to a USB-C, now widely used by many webcams. We don’t mind the choice though: only the thinnest laptops don’t have at least one USB-A port, which has everything you need for a webcam da 1080p.

Simple connection

Connecting the webcam is really simple. All you have to do is stamp the webcam on the screen and insert the USB input. The installation of the drivers takes very little time and the webcam uses all the features immediately and without the need for additional software. Midland ensures that Follow-U works on Windows 10, Mac OS e Android 4.0 and up and he’s not wrong: it’s really easy. For the sake of consideration, we also tried to use it on Linux (in our case on ElementaryOS) and we didn’t encounter any problems.

We then tried to do a first test with the PC camera applications. With no need to select any options, not only were we well framed but stayed so every time we moved. This is thanks to the LTS (Live Tracking System), which recognizes the human figure and follows you when you move.

Midland Follow-U Review: Picture and Audio Quality

The system LTS (Live Tracking System) is certainly the most obvious feature. It is software present in the webcam, therefore it works independent of the software used (we ran our tests as Zoom, Teams, Meet and with the browser version of StreamYard).

The tracking is not perfect: trying to make it difficult we tried to move quickly and sometimes the webcam “lost us”. But we were pleased with the result: in a normal online conversation, you can move around while remaining in the center of the frame. Even walking around the webcam, continues to follow you with precision. Has a 350 degree rotation angle horizontally and covers 120 ° vertically, which allows you to cover in the round (or almost).

To deactivate the tracking function, simply touch the webcam. Really simple and sensitive.

midland webcam follow-u recensione-min350 ° rotation

The FullHD (1080p) sensor offers truly excellent quality. The details are clear, the outlines of the subjects are sharp. THE colors are rather cool: a good choice for use in the field of smart working or for students. The webcam has a 90 degree opening angle, more ambitious than average for many webcams. If you stand alone in front of the webcam, you risk crushing the edges of the image slightly. On the other hand, however, it manages to frame even closer subjects. In addition, the wide opening angle goes very well with the tracking, helping to follow you when you are moving.

Finally, we point out the great usefulness of the microphone steintegrated offender. The sound is more “cavernous” than that of the dedicated microphone we use for Twitch broadcasts (by the way, follow our channel?). But the dedicated mic costs more than the Follow-U, so we didn’t expect the webcam’s built-in mic to be better. It works discreetly and it is more than enough for video calls and conferences. It also has the noise reduction, which does not work miracles but has actually put our voice first, helping communication.

Midland Follow-U review: who needs this webcam?

Let’s start with a rather trivial consideration: this is not a webcam for “creators”. If you are looking for a trusted companion for Twitch broadcasts or YouTube videos you might be better off finding a webcam with a more limited field of view (78-80 degrees) and maybe some warmer base colors (although you can easily adjust them. Plus, you also need a streamer mic. Midland Follow-U can be used for some live coverage if necessary. Especially if you want to recover during some activity that requires you to move.

Instead Follow-U is perfect for those who have to make meetings and video calls. Especially if you have to do some product presentations, where you need to move around to show different features. Or for teachers who want to explain a lesson or for those who are used to moving around a lot when talking. In similar situations, you can make the most of the LTS functionality. But even without tracking, the pairing ofexcellent video shooting in FullHD with the good quality microphone provides you with everything you need for a video call. Especially considering the price.

Infatti la Midland Follow-U costs 99.99 euros. A price range in which you will find many other webcams, perhaps not as flexible but just as performing. But you will hardly be able to stay both a good webcam and a decent one microphone under one hundred euros. Indeed, it usually spends up to double.

So the new Midland Follow-U is recommended for anyone looking for one full webcam, which also has the ability to follow you if you move during video calls. You don’t have to worry: plug it in and let it run after you. You can buy it here.


  • Good video and audio quality
  • Plug&Play semplicissimo
  • The 350 ° tracking really works


  • The large field of view is of no use if you sit in front of the webcam
  • Not recommended for streamers
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