Nona: the new animated short on Disney +

Available from today on the Disney + platform the second animated SparkShorts, by Pixar Animation Studios: Nona. Directed by Louis Gonzales and produced by Courtney Casper Kent; the stories of a tender old lady enclosed in a short to be discovered

Is titled Nona the second project SparkShorts animated available from today on the platform Disney+. Directed by Louis Gonzales, a new and tender short film with characters of hearts and themes that inspire young and old.

The story of a nice grandmother on a quiet day of rest. Her little routine will suddenly be interrupted for a pleasant meeting. Here is what to know so as not to be caught unprepared.

Nona: the new animated short on Disney +

What to know about the short Nona and the SparkShorts project

Focused on a nice granny during a quiet day of rest, away from the world and all the daily vicissitudes. The routine is suddenly and gently reversed by the arrival of her sweet five-year-old granddaughter Renee.

Waiting for the start of his favorite TV show, E.W.W. Lotta Smashdown, the nice old lady named Nona she finds herself trapped between her two favorite things: the baby and the desire to watch the Smashdown. With the collaboration in the production of Courtney Casper Kent.

The project SparkShorts born in 2018, it looks like six-month immersive program aimed at emerging Pixar artists, with the aim of creating a great team and independent short films. With a limited budget and the collaboration of experienced productions, has proved to be a great test case over the years dove to be tested are imagination, talent and great spirit.

designed to give voice to hidden talents, over the years it has given away several critically acclaimed animated shorts, also winning the most prestigious awards in the film industry.

Just last year, Kitbull from Rosanna Sullivan it first received an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Short Film. 2021 saw the triumph of Burrow from Madeline Sharafian competing with Out from Steven Hunter.

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