Midland returns to the Camper Show and focuses on safety

Midland torna al Salone del Camper e punta sulla sicurezza thumbnail

Midlanda brand specialized in integrated communication systems, has announced its participation in the Camper Show 2023 with an offer centered on the safety of caravan and camper travel. The company presents a series of innovative solutions for ensure vehicle safetyof the passengers and of the journey itself.

Midland returns to the 2023 Camper Show, focus on safety

One of the key points of the Midland proposal is the reliable communication, especially when your cell phone may be out of order. To this end, the company offers lthe latest generation of CB, designed specifically for campers, which allows you to stay connected with other travelers on the road, both to exchange traffic information and to deal with emergencies. This system also allows you to connect with other campers on the road, providing valuable information on road conditions and your route.

Traveler safety is a key priority for Midland, which offers PMR walkie talkie radios to communicate while travelling, during excursions or overnight stays. These devices allow all crew members to stay in touch, providing greater peace of mind, especially for families with children. Additionally, Midland offers a baby monitor function which allows you to monitor the little ones even when they are in the camper.

To prevent accidents while driving and parkingMidland has developed reversing cameras, which eliminate blind spots and improve visibility when reversing. An advanced model, the Truck Guardian Wirelessalso offers video recording of the surrounding area, useful in case of accidents or thefts.

Midland confirms itself as an essential partner for van life enthusiasts, a segment that has been constantly growing in recent years, which has seen a significant decrease in the average age of travellers. With the caravan and motorhome market growing by 78% over the last 8 years, Midland is ready to meet the needs of this growing traveling community.

The Camper Show will be from 9 to 17 September. You can find more information about Midland on the official website.

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