Mighty DOOM: release date announced

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Mighty DOOM, the adorable new top-scrolling shooter has a release date. We talk about it in this article

Bethesda has announced the Mighty DOOM release datethe adorably violent one-tap top-down shooter from the brainchild of Alpha Dog Studios starring the brand new Mini Slayer: March 21, 2023. Available for pre-registration immediately, Mighty DOOM is a game free-to-play in which players will have to run and gun their way through hordes of adorably violent demons, iconic levels and challenging bosses. You can already pre-register here.

Mighty DOOM: release date and all the details of the new mobile top-scrolling shooter

Anyone will play a Mighty DOOM between the release date (March 21, 2023) and the April 20, 2023 will receive the Mini Slayer package with free equipment e skin armi exclusives, including:

  • Inferno Baron Heavy Cannon weapon skin
  • Cacodemon rocket launcher weapon skin
  • 3 equipment keys
  • 1 weapon key
  • 80 crystals

In the new mobile title you will play as the Mini Slayera new miniature but very powerful character based on the legendary DOOM Slayer. When an unknown energy wave hits a Gibbo toy factory, the Mini Slayer comes to life and is transported to an alternate dimension. His mission? Exterminate any demon who gets between him and Daisyhis kidnapped bunny.

You can unleash the full power of the Mini Slayer and slay thousands of demons in this adorably violent and adrenaline-pumping top-down shooter. embrace legendary weaponsupgraded gear, and powerful abilities as you harness your reflexes to shoot, dodge, and exterminate with epic slaying wave upon wave of demonic forces.

If you fall in battle, get back up and fight on as you level up, upgrade your weapons and equipment, and find new skill combinations to overwhelm and annihilate the demonic hordes.

Discover the original “animated universe of DOOM“, an alternate reality of the DOOM universe inspired by collectible toys by DOOM Eternal. Adorable bloody details and lots of animated violence await you in the endless war against Hell and its demons. For members of the Slayers Club – Members will receive a skin Mini Slayer Slayers Club-themed exclusive in Mighty DOOM upon game release. To receive it, simply log in to the game and link it to yours account Bethesda.net/Slayers Club.

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