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Milan Games Week: all the IIDEA appointments

IIDEA, the trade association of the video game industry in Italy, announces today the events that will see it present in first person at the next edition of Milan Games Week, which this year will animate the pavilions of Fiera Milano Rho together with Cartoomics. On this occasion, the presence of IIDEA at the event will have a double objective: if on the one hand it will support the visibility of Italian titles and development studios, on the other hand the consumer show will be the ideal platform to contribute to the debate on some of the hot topics of the moment.

Milan Games Week: here is the IIDEA program

Milan Games Week 2021 will be an opportunity to participate in “In My Shoes“, the initiative organized by PG Esports to reflect oninclusiveness within the video game industry. Thalita Malagò, General Manager of IIDEA, November 12 at 12.00 will discuss how new models of inclusion can be effectively launched starting from gaming with the speaker of Radio 105 Annie Mazzola and alongside guests of the caliber of Pier Luigi Parnofiello, CEO of PG Esports, and Massimo Bullo, Chief Marketing Officer of Vodafone Italy, and Francesco Ferreri “Antropochè”, genre anthropologist and video game enthusiast. The event will be hosted live, on the central stage of Milan Games Week & Cartoomics, and accessible to all on the streaming channels of the event and live on YouTube.

Continuing in the footsteps of tradition, also this year IIDEA will take care of the area dedicated to Italian independent developers in Hall 12, which takes the name of Indie Dungeon and will give the possibility to more or less known realities of the Italian scene to let videogame enthusiasts and professionals discover the fruit of their creative efforts.

Saranno presenti: 906 Games, Aucritas, CINIC Games, Dark Tower Interactive, Dramatic Iceberg, Fantastico Studio, Kid Onion Studio, MixedBag, Novis Games, Paper Crown, RGB Guelphs, Safe Place Studio, Studio Cima, Tall Grass Games, Team SolEtude, Timeless Tale e Trinity Team. Li affiancherà IGOODI, the first Italian Avatar Factory specialized in the digitization of the human body and in the creation of photorealistic Avatars equipped with Smart Body with the anthropometric data of the real physical subject.

For the occasion, IGOODI will offer all Indie Dungeon exhibitors and all IIDEA members the opportunity to receive their avatar for free, in order to demonstrate the quality of the service and its possible use in a professional environment. Finally, it will also be present for the first time in the event Tencent Cloud Europe which will meet exhibitor developers with the aim of expanding synergies and supporting the growth of Italian development studios.

Indie Dungeon it will also be a daily show on the Main Stage of Milan Games Week & Cartoomics. Every day, in fact, two Italian studios will present their works in the launch or advanced development phase: the showcases of Reply Game Studios, Fantastico Studio, Trinity Team, Team SolEtude, Stormind Games and MixedBag are scheduled, moderated by Bryan Ronzani, radio speaker and founder of The Box, the first lateshow on Twitch. Finally, on the The Square stage in pavilion 8, a focus on the three gaming accelerators recently created to support the youngest development teams: the Cinecittà Game Hub in Rome, the Bologna Game Farm in Bologna and Quickload in Turin.

All the appointments in detail

Friday 12th November

11.30 – Main Stage (Hall 12)

  • Reply Game Studio
  • Title: Soulstice – how the protagonists of a video game are born
  • Speakers:
  • Samuele Perseo, Product Manager & Writer
  • Fabio Pagetti, Game & Creative Director
  • Christian Ronchi, Lead Artist

12.00 – Main Stage (Hall 12)

  • Title: Deconstructing the masculine and feminine to launch new models starting from gaming, where do we start?
  • Speakers:
  • Thalita Malagò, General Manager of IIDEA
  • Pier Luigi Parnofiello, CEO of PG Esports
  • Massimo Bullo, Chief Marketing Officer of Vodafone Italy
  • Francesco Ferreri “Antropochè”, genre anthropologist and video game enthusiast
  • Moderator: Annie Mazzola, Radio 105 speaker

2.15 pm – Main Stage (Hall 12)

  • Title: Fantastico Studio: indie developer, videogame producer & international publisher
  • Speakers:
  • Andrea Valesini, Creative Director
  • Emanuele Oliveri, Artist

Saturday 13th November

11.30 – Main Stage (Hall 12)

  • Title: Slaps And Beans: Where Did We Stay?
  • Speakers:
  • Gerardo Verna, CEO

1.00 pm – Main Stage (Hall 12)

  • Title: Team SolEtude: developing according to intuition
  • Speakers:
  • Thomas Pagani, Founder & Director
  • Lidia Santoemma, Concept & UI Artist

Sunday November 14th

11.30 – The Square (Pavilion 8)

  • Title: Italy focuses on video games with three gaming accelerators
  • Speakers:
  • Mauro Fanelli, Cinecittà Game Hub Coordinator
  • Ivan Venturi, Coordinator of Bologna Game Farm
  • Matteo Pessione, Coordinator of OGR Tech and CRT Foundation innovation projects for Quickload

11.30 – Main Stage (Hall 12)

  • Title: Batora: Lost Haven – Birth of an intense story
  • Speakers:
  • Giacomo Masi, Narrative Director
  • Luca Esposito, Narrative Designer

2.30 pm – Main Stage (Hall 12)

  • Title: Now / Here, how video games meet the world of art
  • Speakers:
  • Mauro Fanelli, CEO
  • Patrick Tuttofuoco, Artist
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