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MIMO Milano Monza Motor Show 2023: the inauguration will be held on Friday 16 June

The third edition of MIMO Milano Monza Motor Show will kick off on June 16, 2023, at 3.30 pm, with the dynamic and spectacular inauguration ribbon cutting at the Autodromo Nazionale Monzawhich will be followed by the Premiere Parade.

The edition will be unique, offering the public test drives of all the latest models offered by the various brands, fashion shows, multi-brand club meetings, entertainment areas for teenagers and children and refreshment areas.

The inauguration of the MIMO Milano Monza Motor Show 2023

Immediately after the self-driving single-seaters protagonists of the Indy Autonomous Challenge, the more sustainable models chosen by car manufacturersled by the presidents and CEOs of the various brands.

Followed by supercars, prototypes, one-offs, the most beautiful and iconic classic cars ever, special vehicles and all the models featured in MIMO 2023, including Army, Carabinieri, Air Force and Navy vehicles and the sports shoes from the Macaluso and Scuderia del Portello collection.

In addition, the 100 years since will be honored legendary race Le Manswith each of the gentleman drivers heading towards their own car to cut the ribbon stretched across the track and set off towards the Premiere Paradeor 10 kilometers of route which include the Formula 1 circuit and the High Speed ​​Ring.

Andrea Levy, President of MIMO Milano Monza Motor Show, declared that “Passion and dynamism at the service of the automotive system. This is the pillar of the format we have created for 2023, trying to intercept the needs of car manufacturers and the public.

MIMO 2023 will be a party for everyone, with the largest test drive area made available to visitors and enthusiasts and with many events such as fashion shows, catwalks and the first competition on a circuit of the Indy Autonomous Challenges, which will light up the Autodromo Nazionale Monza from 16 to 18 June”.

More events

In addition to the inauguration of MIMO 2023, the Monzanapolis Supercar Parade it will also be held on Friday 16 June, at 7 pm. It is a fashion show open to enthusiasts and car collectors of Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, McLaren, Bentley, Dallara, Porsche, Lotus.

Right in the straight line of the High Speed ​​Ring, instead, there will be the Focus Electric Cars and Plug-in Hybridsto allow the public to become familiar with the connection-detachment operations of the connector to the columns and with the issues concerning the daily management of plug-in electric and hybrid models.

Parades, parades and test drives will alternate at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza from 16 to 18 June 2023, with the climax that will be reached on Sunday 18 June at 2 pm, with the final of the Indy Autonomous Challenge.

The official calendar of dynamic events is available on the following website and will be constantly updated together with all the information and the latest news on MIMO 2023.

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