Minecraft: Now you can also play chess

The monochrome flag paints Minecraft black and white: thanks to the effort of a fan it is now possible to play chess with Mojang

The creativity of the average user of Minecraft is always a source of amazement, but never before would we have thought of using Mojang’s title for play chess. Truth be told, we wouldn’t even have thought about playing DOOM in a voxel game world, yet here we are. But leaving aside the shooter capable of making its way even into Game & Watch and light bulbs, it is now possible to relive the cerebral sport of Garry Kasparov and Anatolij Karpov with a first-person view … and an intense Rube-Goldberg machine with which to operate the colossal chessboard.

In awning season, checkered is played in Minecraft

With a username worthy of the blistering heat of these days, melonbp on Reddit made us participate in the crazy chess games that will now be possible to play in Minecraft. To be honest, we use the term “possible” in the broadest sense of the term, because it is not really something comfortable. The metaphorical clock mechanism of the cubic chessboard would be able to make even the most painstaking Swiss craftsmanship pale, also thanks to the use of Red Rock on which the entire machinery is based. The result can be seen in action below.

How functional can this chessboard be, however functional? The always shrewd irony of the comments in response to the post was certainly not long in coming. They range from headache complaints to using the alternate time required by this creation. In general, however, the avalanche is greater than congratulations that melonbp has been able to enthrall with the monumental chessboard. And it is definitely the latter category that we, with all our admiration, are happy to join.

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