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Minecraft: the official Dungeons and Dragons DLC is coming

The worlds are about to unite in an exciting new fire-breathing crossover: the official Dungeons and Dragons DLC is about to arrive on Minecraft. After all, D&D, the role-playing game par excellence, has changed a lot over its 50-year history. From endless sessions with friends to online versions, via webcam, which have not stopped the campaigns even in lockdown.

In 2023, the fiftieth anniversary year, D&D is also celebrating one of the most popular games of the contemporary era. But what does the Dungeons and Dragons DLC provide for Minecraft? Let’s find out together.

Minecraft: What we know about the Dungeons and Dragons DLC

The Minecraft D&D DLC offers players the ability to select different character classes (such as Wizard or Barbarian) and visit five iconic settings from the Forgotten Realms. Among these also Icewind Dale and Candlekeep, facing typical monsters such as mindflayers, beholders, mimics and, of course, dragons!

This new adventure, completely new to Minecraft players, is a gigantic love letter to the world of D&D. Players will be able to modify the characteristics of their characters and roll 20-sided dice to decide how to continue in the dialogues. Ah, the dialogues will be fully soundtracked.

It’s currently unconfirmed when the DLC will hit the Minecraft store, but the generic announced timeframe is primavera 2023. Therefore, very little may be missing.

In the meantime, in view of the release of Dungeons & Dragons – Honor among thieves, the action figures and Funko Pops dedicated to D&D have arrived.

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