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Evelyne in the clouds: the comedy with Eleonora Giovanardi and Violante Placido

Let’s find out together everything there is to know about the new comedy Evelyne in the clouds; starring Eleonora Giovanardi and Violante Placido. Love, modernity, tradition and nature in the film directed by Anna Di Francisca available from 30 March

Many news leaked on the new polite and creaky comedy directed by Anna Di Francisca, entitled Evelyne in the clouds. Available in theaters from March 30, featuring an international cast including Eleonora Giovanardi, Violante Placido, Claire NeboutGilbert Melky and Antonio Catania.

Defined as a vision of contrast between modernity and tradition; between new technologies and slow and eco-friendly lifestyles; with strong references to French cinema. Here is the official trailer and everything you need to know.

Evelyne in the clouds: the comedy with Eleonora Giovanardi and Violante Placido

Evelyne in the clouds: plot and details on the comedy starring Eleonora Giovanardi and Violante Placido

After various documentaries and niche films (such as La bruttina seasoned) and a lot of television (A doctor in the family to Reasons of the heart); the Milanese filmmaker Anna Di Franciscahas decided to commit to a new exuberant comedy with a green flavour; Evelyne in the clouds. Starring the aforementioned Eleanor Giovanardi e Violante Placido, together with an international super cast; manages to attract public attention and critics for his delicate vision on the ecological theme (in a very outsider way)

Distributed by Orange Film; she dwells on the life of Sofia, with a daily life surrounded by greenery and in the mountains in an old farmhouse in the Reggio Apennines. In a place away from everything and everyone where she doesn’t get internet and where they would like to place a repeater; Sofia will have to face new arrivals, new encounters and new realities linked to the increasingly widespread technological advent.

Based on a story by Anna Di Francisca and Javier Munoz; sees the care of the script by the hand of Laura Fischetto. For all the updates on upcoming releases in the world of cinema and TV series, keep following us on!

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