MINI Italia annuncia il suo supporto al progetto Biosphera Genesis thumbnail

MINI Italia announces its support for the Biosphera Genesis project

MINI Italy, as part of the MINI VOICES campaign, has announced a collaboration with Aktivhaus, a company specializing in the development of housing modules that allow you to test the most advanced technologies in the world to focus on the well-being of the person and reduce the environmental impact. The project was born from the collaboration Biosphera Genesis. Here are the details:

MINI Italia offers its support to promote the Biosphera Genesis project

Biosphera Genesis is the project of an itinerant and self-sufficient housing unit. This unit has an area of ​​40 square meters and can be transported by road. To conceive the project was Mirko Taglietti, CEO of Aktivhaus which inaugurated the unit last September on the island of San Servolo, in Venice.

Taglietti underlines: “Our main goal is to build and renovate new generation buildings that put man, his senses, his needs, his physiology, his health and his well-being at the center of the architectural and construction project”

It should be noted that Biosphera Genesis integrates Biophilic Design, a solution that aims to create an environment in favor of human health. It is a “passive” house capable of producing up to twelve times the energy consumed. The construction took place using environmentally friendly materials that respect the Minimum Environmental Criteria.

The company comment

Stefano Ronzoni, Director of MINI Italy, declares: “We are happy to support Mirko Taglietti and Biosphera Project. MINI has the theme of sustainability at heart, with the claim BIG LOVE we want to convey not only love for people, but love also understood as respect for the surrounding environment. It is important to raise awareness and bring our community of enthusiasts closer to these issues, promoting realities that, thanks to their ideas, can improve the quality of everyday life “.

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