MiNi PRO MP-J4125: the new BIOSTAR workstation

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BIOSTAR presents the brand new MiNi PRO MP-J4125. The small system with solid performance

The BIOSTAR (for more information click here), a leading manufacturer in its sector, today presents the new desktop workstation MiNi PRO Series MP-J4125. BIOSTAR, is a professional brand dedicated not only to the production of motherboards, gaming motherboards, SSDs, graphics cards and industrial computer systems. It also deals with IoT, mining equipment for cryptocurrencies, sanitary solutions and engine starter batteries. Since its founding in 1986, BIOSTAR has grown into one of the leading motherboard suppliers in the IT industry. In order to pursue the best quality and aesthetic design, BIOSTAR has invested heavily in identification design, equipment, global marketing research and research and development. With a constant emphasis on quality, BIOSTAR always seeks to improve beyond the best and run into the future.

New MiNi PRO MP-J4125 workstation

BIOSTAR introduces a brand new range of predefined workstations designed to easily adapt to many industrial and casual applications. These are part of the series product line MiNi PRO. Their new system MP-J4125 offers another important option for users looking for a cost-effective prefabricated workstation. With solid performance and increased quality assurance from the BIOSTAR brand, this small workstation is useful for OEM / ODM / gaming PC, business computer, POS / remote control, industrial automation, smart facilities, networking and telecommunication.

MiNi PRO MP-J4125: the new BIOSTAR workstation


Powered by a processor Intel Celeron J4125placed on a motherboard BIOSTAR J4125NHU, the new MP-J4125 system offers outstanding performance for applied use. He owns one RAM DDR4 Dual Channel fino a 8 GB with maximum clock speed of 2400 and integrated video supporting resolution DX12 e 4K via HDMI port. These sets allow the new MP-J4125 system to be highly reliable for multiple operations. Powered by a 60 W and from a solid fanless chassis design, the small footprint of the new MP-J4125 MiNi PRO system helps users maintain a sleek and quiet workspace.

In addition, the MP-J4125 MiNi PRO system supports SATA III (6 Gb / s) and M.2 (M Key) for archiving. This can be configured with the range BIOSTAR SSD as an added benefit for users who want a hassle-free plug and play system.

In conclusion

Finally, the system MP-J4125 MiNi PRO by BIOSTAR it is a great choice for users looking for a prefabricated system that requires less space. It is also an upgradeable system and comes from a brand known for durable, long-lasting products.

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