Mirabilandia and Mattel still together for “Hot Wheels City”

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In the stunt arena of Mirabilandia the new edition of “Hot Wheels City – The new challenge” is staged, the show that this year will drive the public of the largest amusement park in Italy crazy.

Chase, Cris ed Elliot they will do everything to protect the citizens of Hot Wheels City from a new threat: trotan evil scientist struggling with monstrous creations based on Slime Gasoline with the sole purpose of destroying the city. The notes of live music together with the roar of the engines of the cars, motorcycles and trucks that will take to the track will be the soundtrack of chases, overtaking and spectacular stunts of the best stuntmen.

It will make it once again Sheriff to defeat the new danger and restore order and peace to the city? The challenge is accepted and the race more open than ever … and it will end with the legendary one mobile loop 18 meters highthe highest ever performed in an amusement park before.

Mirabilandia and Mattel still together for “Hot Wheels City”

Riccardo Capogeneral manager of Mirabilandia, said:

In the park’s 30th anniversary season, it is truly a pleasure for Mirabilandia to renew its partnership with Mattel and present the new edition of our flagship show. For the past 7 years our stunt show together with the Hot Wheels brand has made millions of visitors dream with a passion for motors: the little ones, who still have fun with the tracks and cars, relive their games in full size, the most greats appreciate the breathtaking evolutions from record shows with the best professionals in the sector.

Mirabilandia and Mattel together again for "Hot Wheels City"

The partnership between Mirabilandia e Mattel, one of the most important toy manufacturers in the world. Now in its seventh consecutive year, the happy collaboration includes a series of spectacular stunt shows with a very high adrenaline rate that will carry the signature of the Hot Wheels brand. The partnership provides for the branding of the sets and fittings of the Stunt Show and of all the vehicles. Andrea ZiellaHead of Marketing and Digital of Mattel Italia, said:

We are very proud of this partnership with Mirabilandia. The essence of this show lies in capturing the emotions that were felt as children while playing with Hot Wheels and concretizing them in real life in full size, creating an extraordinary stunt with the highest mobile loop (18 meters high) ever performed in an amusement park we involve fans of all ages in a breathtaking event, as only Hot Wheels can do. It is thanks to the Mirabilandia staff, who enthusiastically welcomed our adrenaline-pumping proposals, that we are also able to give the Italian public the opportunity to attend a breathtaking show.

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