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MKERS: Umbro Italia new technical sponsor!

The new Umbro in-game kit on FIFA23 has just arrived, which can be purchased in pre-order on the Mkers online shop. Let’s find out all the details

From now Umbrian Italy is the new technical sponsor of all the teams Mkers, the first Italian joint-stock company in the eSports sector. The announcement comes on the occasion of the Milan Games Week & Cartoomics, the most important gaming fair in Italy, the most awaited event by fans of online games and beyond. From today the kit in-game of Mkers on FIFA23 is branded Umbro. A split which can also be purchased from today in pre-order on the shop online day of Mkers.

Mkers & Umbro: the partnership starts from FIFA 23!

With almost 100 years of history behind, the oldest brand in the world of football, Umbro, enters eSports through the front door, through a team already as established and internationally recognized as Mkers. The growth of which has seen the contribution of important investors in recent years, including Daniele De Rossi, Alessandro Florenzi, Marco Parolo and many other sportsmen. A roster of approx 30 players of different nationalities, specializing in famous titles such as FIFA, Rainbow, Six Siege, NBA2K and many others. The attention to the competitive element that characterizes the Mkers teams has been fully embraced by Umbro. There are several projects born from the collaboration.

MKERS: Umbro Italia new technical sponsor!

Umbro will accompany the Mkers team in all the official tournaments, which will become the physical and virtual showcase for the next launch of the new jerseys collection “Mkers x Umbro”. Michela Tedone, marketing manager of Umbro Italia, says:

We arrive full of enthusiasm and curiosity in the world of Esports and we are sure that the story of Umbro will be able to make its way into the hearts of very young gamers. We are proud of the collaboration born with such an energetic partner as Mkers. We want to bring Umbro’s quality and freshness to the world of online challenges that cross all sports, not just football.

Words fully espoused by Luigi Boccia, teamwear and sponsorship manager of Umbro Italia, who confirmed that he can’t wait to give life to new projects that they are discussing day after day to bring maximum energy to this important cooperation. Words which, in turn, were endorsed and supported with pleasure by Thomas De Gasperi, president of Mkers who underlined how much this partnership represents a real source of pride for the entire eSport team.

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