Mobile Bank N26 is among the most convenient banks for young people and families

La Mobile Bank N26 è tra le banche più convenienti per giovani e famiglie thumbnail

An Altroconsumo survey rewards the Mobile Bank N26. According to this survey, in fact, N26 is the bank with the lowest costs for families. The Indicator of Total Annual Costs (ICC) of the N26 Standard Account is among the lowest for the “young” profile. Meanwhile, the digital bank has announced a promotion for customers who will credit the salary on N26 Smart. Here are the details.

Altroconsumo rewards the convenience of N26 solutions

Altroconsumo rewards N26. The ranking based onICC indicator, which takes into account the overall costs of the most popular banking services, certifies the convenience of the Mobile Bank. N26 is the most convenient for families with average operations. Also for the “young” profile the institute achieves an excellent result thanks to N26 Standard, the free bank account.

Andrea Isola, General Manager di N26 in Italia & Southeast Europe, he declares: “In the last year, all the banking institutions – not only the traditional ones – have increased the fees for managing accounts. As highlighted by the Bank of Italy, in the two-year period 2019-2020 the increase in current account costs amounted to € 88.5 and mainly involved fixed expenses. It is important that anyone preparing to open a new current account is put in a position to be able to evaluate with all the tools available and the ICC is certainly an indicator to be taken into consideration “.

The promo for those who choose N26 Smart

The new N26 promotion is reserved for customers who choose the Conto N26 Smart characterized by a fee of 4.90 euros per month. All users who credit their salary or pay at least 700 euros per month into the account, using the N26 Mastercard card at least once a month, will get the repayment of the monthly fee. Also noteworthy is a “welcome bonus” of 20 euros with an additional 30 euros in case of transfer to the account of at least 700 euros.

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