Mobile gaming, a constantly expanding sector

In the era of smartphones, online gaming is a huge growing sector, which has reached its new boom

Smartphones are certainly the most widely used device globally to access the internet, thanks mainly to the greater accessibility at the price level compared to PCs and tablets, which for several years has contributed to a massive spread of these devices.

In fact, there are many smartphone models that can now be purchased for less than a couple of hundred euros, and this accessibility stimulates not only the device production industry, but also the software sector and App developer, which thanks to always better performances can indulge themselves to increase the functionalities, and make these devices more and more useful.

In the era of smartphones, online gaming is a huge growing sector, which has reached its new boom, after years ago it was all about PC video games. Nintendo, through the Game Boy and variants, dominated the handheld gaming market for a long time, until the iPhone and various Android smartphones reached ever greater heights, supplanting the Japanese giant from the position of the world leader in handheld games.

Given the fact that two thirds of the world’s population own and use smartphones to access the internet, it should come as no surprise that most mobile games require a connection, to facilitate multi-player options, and also to facilitate online shopping. -app, as well as for exposure to advertisements (one of the major forms of income for many developers).

The mobile gaming industry is estimated to have generated a staggering $ 85 billion in profits globally at the end of 2020, more than double the revenues of movie theaters, and four times the volumes of the industries. record companies.

Mobile gaming, a constantly expanding sector

Mobile gaming, the future of video games?

Every day, smartphones get specifications more similar to those of computers to be able to perform increasingly elaborate operations, and to be able to withstand an ever greater graphics capacity for higher quality games.

The types of video games are varied, and the offer is constantly increasing. Thanks to the incredible graphic capabilities of smartphones, it ranges from medieval themed role-playing games, to be played in both single-player and multi-player, to strategy games of various genres, up to shoot-all in first or third person , as in the case of the hugely popular Fortnite, obviously without forgetting the category of driving video simulations and various sports, with new releases every year.

For most video game producers, the launch of a new title of a video game for a console or PC means developing a variant for mobile devices as well, in order to avoid foreclosing the probably most substantial slice of the market.

Another of the most successful categories in mobile gaming is definitely online poker. The network effect of the main platforms has made it possible to expand the entertainment offer that goes beyond the traditional game, keeping in principle the same principles and the same rules of poker, while at the same time including new, faster and more engaging variants. .

Other titles that are selling like hot cakes and that thanks to their simplicity are always at the top of the charts of the most downloaded and popular mobile games, are the simple arcade games like Fruit Ninja, or the puzzle-games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds, which without excessive gimmicks graphics, but with an attractive design and a game system that manages to involve a wide range of generations continue to be global hits since their first editions.

The world of mobile gaming has evolved at an incredible pace over the past 10 years and there is no doubt that it is an industry with enormous growth potential. With the advances in augmented reality and virtual reality the next steps will surely be exciting, and already today, we are witnessing a constant change in the mobile gaming sector going through continuous innovations and updates, alternating at a faster pace than never.