Mobile gaming: the trends coming in 2022

Mobile gaming is constantly on the rise and the videogame landscape is increasingly varied. Let’s find out the trends for 2022

The offer of video games of all kinds and online casinos is really wide and often there is the possibility to play without spending excessively, just think of the sites that offer bonus for playing with free spins or the many free games available in the stores. 2022 promises to be an important year on the mobile gaming side, with several rising trends and news related to the increasingly massive use of the smartphone in every juncture of life.

To confirm this, just take a look at what the trend for 2022 according to industry experts and magazines.

Mobile gaming: the trends coming in 2022

The first trend concerns the type of games available to fans, which will become even wider to embrace players of all ages: if we think about the success of games like Homescapes and Gardenscapes, aimed at older players, we understand that the availability of games of all types and for all ages does not will only increase.

They will therefore find video games space not necessarily designed for those who are familiar with the genre, but also games tailored to those who love to play every now and then, in relaxation and without having to spend too much time.

Another trend for next year will be related to growth of multiplayer games, which will allow you to live increasingly “social” and shared gaming experiences. Titles like Among Us, downloaded around 282 million times around the world to date, will be played more and more, especially by those who conceive of playing not as a solitary experience but to be shared.

According to experts, the spectators of eSports and videogame competitions: the great success on YouTube and Twitch will ensure that the games coming out in the coming years will integrate the possibility of sharing your gaming experience and any tournaments directly on these platforms.

Mobile gaming: the trends coming in 2022

To give a boost to the sector will also be the 5G, which will certainly have a positive impact on video games. Probably, not only will download times be reduced, but games will become more sophisticated and complex, bringing the mobile gaming experience closer to that of consoles, obviously with the necessary differences.

5g will also have positive repercussions for online casinos, which will be able to offer more live games and thus offer more realistic and satisfying experiences to fans.

The gaming market is moving fast and new technologies will do nothing but increase the titles and the quality of the same.