Molly Mason-Boulé entered far parte di a Riot Games

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Riot Games, developer and distributor of video games, most notably known for League of Legends and VALORANT, has announced that Molly Mason-Boulé, a leading figure in the videogames sector, has joined the company as Global Head of Development Studies. Molly will share her deep knowledge of the world of video games and entertainment, and her extensive experience as a global commercial and development executive.

As Head of Development Studies, Molly will be tasked with expanding Riot’s presence around the world in order to recruit top talent and accelerate game and feature development.. He will report directly to John Doyle, Riot Games Director of Games, and will manage Riot’s current and future development studios, including those in Seattle, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai.

“Molly has been a key figure in the video game industry for nearly twenty years, with an impressive experience transforming companies into organizations with multiple studios, fostering collaboration between international development teams and mentoring those who have worked with her” , Doyle said. “As we continue to establish new development studios around the world, his skills will be crucial in helping us grow and meet the growing needs of our teams and players around the world.”

“I’m thrilled to join Riot in a time of such great growth and transformation,” announced Mason-Boulé. “Being able to help advance Riot’s ambitious vision for the future of becoming the world’s most player-centric video game company and expanding our universes is very motivating. I can’t wait to start this journey to push Riot into its next phase of growth and expansion. “

Molly Mason-Boulé will be part of Riot Games, her profile

Mason Boule he has spent the last 18 years at Electronic Arts (EA), where he has worked with the company’s full range of products. Most recently, he served as vice president of production and operations for EA Studios, leading an international and multidisciplinary unit of developers. Prior to joining EA, Molly worked in the film, television series and visual effects industry at companies such as Dreamworks Animation and Radium / Reel FX in the role of producer, and spent some time in the world of advertising agencies in New York and San Francisco in the Gray Global Group.

Molly received her bachelor’s degree from the San Francisco Art Institute and her master’s degree from the University of Southern California. Additionally, she serves on the Board of Women in Animation and is a regular external lecturer at USC’s Marshall School of Business.

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