TikTok welcomes Roberto Saviano

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The writer and journalist Roberto Saviano lands on TikTok, on the occasion of the launch of his new book on Giovanni Falcone. An opportunity to tell the power of words, stories and books to a generation that is perhaps too young to remember massacre of Capaci.

Roberto Saviano arrives on TikTok

Saviano’s new book, “Only is the courage. Giovanni Falcone, the novel “, tells the story of the Palermo magistrate, an icon of the fight against the mafia. Published by Bompianiis part of the series directed by Saviano himself called ammunition.

Saviano explains that “From today I’m on TikTok! Because I decided to open my own channel… Simple: to talk to those who populate this incredible platform. Why now? Why in the thirtieth anniversary of the Capaci massacre I think it is important to tell the courage dthe Giovanni Falcone, by Paolo Borsellino he was born in anti-mafia pool to who in 1992 he was not born yet or maybe he was too young to remember.

“I wrote a novel about Giovanni Falcone, I wrote it for gratitude and for love. It is the first time in my life, because more often I have written out of anger, I have written to denounce. But this time no, this time I wrote so as not to forget not only what happened, but also the feelings that accompanied the fundamental years for the life of our country. And TikTok, for this tale, is the perfect place! Because TikTok is an important space for sharing what I consider most precious: stories, books, readings, lives. And right here I will continue my usual battles with the only weapon I know: the word. I hope that this space will soon become a community “.

TikTok is a very literate community: #BookTok has over 51 billion views and the Italian community #BookTokItalia it has 554 thousand. Now the community of readers can choose to follow Roberto Saviano at this address. And maybe watch the welcome video to the writer you find here.

A splendid novelty for those who love books and show their love on TikTok. As Saviano himself says, “Because books are the only tool for immortality”.

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