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Mom here I’m in charge: the release date revealed in cinemas!

Recently, RS Productions unveiled the release date of Mamma qui command io, the new comedy by Federico Moccia: let’s find out all the details together in this dedicated article

RS Productions in collaboration with Mirari Vos is pleased to announce the release in Italian cinemas from September 14th of the new film by Federico Moccia Mamma here I command, unveiling the official poster and trailer. Mamma here I command is a family comedy produced by Alexandra Cinematografica, Neo Art Producciones with Rai Cinema, directed by Federico Moccia and with a cast that is aimed at multiple generations of audiences: Daniela Virgilio, Simone Montedoro, Maurizio Mattioli, Corinne Clery and Alessio DiDominicantonio.

Poster, trailer and release date for Mom, I’m in Charge!

After being premiered with great success at the just concluded edition of the Ischia Global Film & Music Festival, Federico Moccia’s latest film is now also in cinemaswho also co-wrote the screenplay with Giorgia Colli and Luca Biglione and who chooses to tell – starting from a true story – how the sentence of an Italian Court can change relationships within a family in an unpredictable way.

After conquering teenagers from all over Italy with the literary successes of Three Meters Above Heaven, I Want You and Love 14 (the latter also directed by him) and then shifting his gaze as a writer and/or director to twenty-year-olds with Sorry but I call you Love, Sorry but I want to marry you and University students, Moccia is now addressing his audience who grew up with him and who are now at an age where people can get marriedthey have children and also enter into a crisis and once again he uses the tone of comedy to talk about the custody of a sui generis minor, in which the parents take turns, once by one, at the child’s home, unleashing a series of funny, conflicting, unexpected situations.

Mom here I'm in charge: the release date revealed in cinemas!

Mom here command I will have one entire soundtrack written especially for the film and produced by Joseba Label. The 4 songs of the soundtrack will frame the scenes filmed by Federico Moccia who, among other things, chose the only song already published “I love you” sung by Giovanni Segreti Bruno for one of the most tender moments in history. The entire unreleased soundtrack will be released on September 14, with preview releases of some of the songs in the weeks ahead.

The synopsis of the film is as follows:

Filippo (Simone Montedoro) and Michela (Daniela Virgilio) are husband and wife about to separate and parents of Francesco (Alessio Di Domenicantonio), a clever and lively nine-year-old boy. In court, given the dispute between the spouses to keep the family home and the impossibility of understanding who is the right parent with whom the child should live, the judge surprisingly assigns the house to the couple’s child and establishes that they will be mother and father to alternate every Monday at home. However, the sentence is provisional: making use of the supervision of a social worker, the judge will decide after six months who will be entrusted with the child in the house. Francesco interprets the sentence in his own way and comforted by his group of friends convinces himself that he is the boss of the house, unleashing daring situations, such as secretly organizing a party launched on social media which fills the house with wild kids and which even causes the police intervention. Heavily reprimanded by the social worker, Filippo and Michela accuse each other, also supported by their families of origin (Corinne Clery and Maurizio Mattioli). Francesco, who, like all of his children, however, desires the reconciliation of his parents, is aware that he has been the cause of worse quarrels and tries to remedy it by behaving like an obedient and helpful boy. He also tries to bring his parents closer together but mum and dad’s new suitors appear on the horizon and the situation becomes even more complicated until he crashes during Christmas Eve dinner.

Mamma here I command by Federico Moccia, will be in Italian cinemas on September 14th, distributed by RS Productions in collaboration with Mirari Vos. Let us know what you think below in the comments and stay tuned with us at for all the news on the subject of cinema and TV series!

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